Top Hair + Beauty Trends in 2018 💋⭐️

Here are 4 very popular hair trends for your next look in the New Year!

The long bob is by far one of the most popular worn hair cuts/trends that overflowed from 2017 into the new year. So many people are doing it, and doing it extremely well. Add a bit of curl in it or keep it straightened, all preference, so pretty either way! Be sure to see plenty of Lobs, as they are called, in 2018!


The scrunchie trend is kind of unbelievable, but hey they're back! Some are even matching them with their shirts. It's by far the most unique and nerdy style that has recycled from the past, but you rock it, we will support you! Anyone that can has got some confidence and we love seeing confidence being operated in.


Platinum Blonde is in and has been in. But like we have said in previous blogs, it takes a lot of work, patience + upkeep. But, when done right and stewarded well it can be to dye for, see what I did there?! Katie P and Kim K are definitely rocking the platinum, you think you could do it? Let Salty take you to platinum planet!


The wavey look is such a versatile hair style. It can be worn to the beach, out to dinner, at the grocery store or while you're just straight lounging! Seriously, we love this one. It can be done past shoulder length like this photo, or worn wavey as a long bob. See, versatile like we said. 


We hope you branch out and try something fun and new this year to spice up and enhance your already beautiful hair! Until next time...

- Salty Hair